Ticket To Ride



Ticket to Ride is an adventure game where you have to collect game matching train cards along railway routes across the United States of America. As you try to obtain longer routes, you will accumulate more points.

Points are obtain by a number of different ways. Some of which includes:

  • By claiming cities by connecting 2 or more cities on the map
  • By completing paths between cities from the destination cards.
  • By completing the longest path between routes
Be warned that you can lose points as well by not completing routes on the destination cards.
Game PlayThere are 3 different actions that can be taken during the game play which include:

  • Connecting a route between two cities on the game board.
  • Drawing¬†available¬†train cards.
  • Choosing additional destination cards which can earn you extra points if you complete them before the end of the game.

Check out the video for more information

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